Nature’s Gift for All: Terracotta Jewellery Trends To Look Out For

If you are someone who is drawn towards all things natural, anything connected deeply with nature and the Earth, then Terracotta Jewellery is going to be your most cherished and treasured jewellery type in your collection. There’s no surprise that Terracotta Jewellery has become one of the essentials especially in the trousseau box of the brides because this jewellery is all about vibrant colours, textures, variety, and also because it is one of the oldest forms of jewellery ever created.

Since this type of jewellery emerges from nature or is inspired by the Earth’s roots, even back then, most of the designs of terracotta jewellery depicted elements like animals, flowers, motifs inspired by various tribal traditions, etc.

3 Reasons why it is for you:

1. It is very boho in its essence due to which it looks very cool and happy. It can be easily customised as per the wearer’s liking.
2. Very skin-friendly due to its natural character. It is for sure the safest choice for those with sensitive skin.
3. Terracotta jewellery isn’t hard on anyone’s budget.

Organic and Trendy Terracotta Jewellery Must-Haves:

Thread Chained Necklace & Set – This one is like a complete package! The thread chains in terracotta look very bold and authoritative and compliment Indo-western or ethnic dressing a lot.

Multi-Coloured Jhumkas – The best part about Terracotta jhumkas is that you can add a huge number of the pairs in your collection and match each colour and design of the jhumkas with the outfit of your choice. Even metal finish jhumkas in terracotta are a lot in fashion these days.

Terracotta Jhumkas

Bangles with Tribal Patterns – These types of terracotta bangles are especially doing the rounds on many international fashion shows. The tribal effect of the patterns and designs created or painted over the bangles lend them an authentic, earthy vibe, which compliments the wearer’s personality.

Bangles With Tribal Patterns
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Statement Pendants – The best way to customise and add your personality to a piece of jewellery is by getting a variety of statement pendants in terracotta so that you can pick and wear them as per your mood or occasion. Whether you pick a small pendant or chunky ones, they are equally impressive and noticeable. Plus, they will enhance your natural beauty like no other jewellery.

statement Pendants
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Gold or Silver Finish Pieces – The look of jewellery pieces like rings, earrings, necklaces, maang tikkas or bangles in terracotta is completed with a gold or silver finish, and the matte-looking variety of these are very popular now because these jewellery pieces double-up the beauty of certain colours like whites or pales in Kurtis or sarees. You can make an ever-lasting impression by pairing this type of terracotta jewellery with a cotton dress.

Gold or Silver Finish pieces
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Beaded Bracelet – Special shapes such as heart or flowers and faces are separately created as beads and then weaved or placed into a thread to create one bracelet. These bright hues of the beads look creative and artistic and if you have a knack for everything colourful, pick these and you won’t be disappointed.

Beaded Bracelet
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