Nauratan jewelry

When I was in Pakistan I was on the hunt for a nauratan set (nauratan means nine, for nine different colours of stones). I think they’re so classic and versatile to go with any outfit. It was the classic part that got me laughed at by pretty much every shop keeper in Liberty…”Baji?! (Sister), nauratan is from an old time now, it’s not in fashion anymore!” This was basically the response I got from every shopkeeper I asked…you could have a set designed if you had a picture, but they just don’t have them readily available. In fact what was available, and everywhere, was jewelry that was full of crystal amethysts and multi coloured stones…the look of all these sets were very modern, and in my opinion absolutely gaudy. The new style of jewelry is not like that of our mother’s it, to me, looked like the type of jewelry you could get at People’s or the Bay. I think it was something different for the women living in Pakistan but for girls like me who go back home to shop it was nothing special!
Anyway, here’s a pic of the closest thing I found to nauratan, but this too, was not what I had in my mind.
Overall the jewelry shopping experience in Pakistan is awesome though: you go, get to sit in the little shops and the store-keepers feed you tea, bottles of coke, sandwiches, samosas while they adorn you with lavish sets of gold. I told my fiancé when I came back I could really get used to this 😉


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