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New Fashion Jewellery in Pakistan ( Types, Price, Latest Designs)

If we move across the world, we will see millions and trillions of different variations of jewellery. Every piece has its own beauty, its own charm and elegance. Now if you move across Pakistan, you will see a more different variations of Pakistani jewellery.

Pakistani jewellery is made with love, traditional values and perfectly embellished. Pakistani jewellery contains every piece for every part of your body such as you want something to wear on your wrist? We have watches and bracelets, you want your fingers not to look empty?


We have variations of rings; you want your head to be covered with jewels? We have Matha patti and maang tikka, you want something chic and elegant to be worn on your neck or heavy jewellery to be worn on your wedding day? We chokers, necklaces and malaas and hundreds of different kinds waiting for you or you want something to be worn on your ankle, we have elegant anklets. Just like this, the variations have a long LONG list.

Pakistani jewellery is known for its beauty and elegance. These are beautifully made with traditional embellishments and are a great creation of every jewellery designer. Mostly, women in Pakistan are a huge fan of casual jewellery and heavy jewellery is worn at wedding functions. Pakistani jewellery never disappoints anyone. People from abroad visit Pakistan to shop Pakistan’s traditional jewellery too.

Whether you are a pure Punjabi, a pure pathan, sindhi or Kashmiri, Pakistani jewellery has to offer every traditional jewellery to everyone. These jewellery pieces can be bought in pure silver and gold or also in artificial too. Colors are always your choice! So, lets discuss a few common types of fashion jewellery in Pakistan that are almost worn every day.

Jewellery Types in Pakistan

  1. Bangles
  2. Bracelets
  3. Earrings
  4. Necklaces
  5. Rings
  6. Anklets

1# Bangles

Bangles are an exceptional beauty for your wrist to fill up with colors. Bangles have types too; these can be bought in simple gold or silver or can be found in hundreds of different colors too. Materials differ too, such as metal, glass, platinum, plastic or wood. The most popular ones are the kundan bangles. Those are made with different antique embellishments and can be worn with both western and eastern attire. Pakistani women wear bangles with their everyday outfit. It gives a very different elegant look to those who wear.


2# Bracelets

Bracelets are thin, intricate piece of jewellery women wear around their arm. This fashion is most popular among young girls and has equal acceptance of the male gender, where the men wear the more masculine styles of bracelets as jewellery. The bracelets are available in various of different styles and designs, inspired by both modern, plus traditional fashion. The most aesthetic bracelet are now the coin bracelets that are attached with a single string of chunky gold or silver chain. Bracelets are mostly worn with western outfits or casual eastern outfits. but there are no outfit barriers, bracelets are a go to for everyone and every attire. These can be found in an assortment of different designs, colors and embellishments.

Bracelet Designs with Price in Pakistan 2021


3# Earrings

The another most commonly worn jewellery is earrings. Earrings complete the whole look of a woman and can be styled up with every kind of attire. If you look into today’s trends and fashion, you will see hundreds of stylish earrings worn by Pakistani women. Whether you are wearing western or eastern attire, earrings are a perfect match! Millions of different women wear small studs or tiny earrings as an everyday embellishment for their ears, all over Pakistan. A more heavily jeweled earring piece in traditional jhumki style is often preferred for weddings or formal events.

Jhumkas price in pakistan 2021 new design


4# Necklaces

Necklaces are the real show stealers for every woman. The most popular these days are the antique kundan necklaces. Kundan necklaces are very much loved by every Pakistani woman. We see bloggers styling these up with their saaris, simple shalwar kameez or even jeans and shirt. Apart from these, brides wear heavy kundan necklaces with their outfit to give an extra elegant look. Necklaces are further categorized into chokers and simple necklaces. The variations are just uncountable. They are available in a wide array of sizes, including choker necklaces, pendant sets, heavy necklaces, and even maala sets.

Choker Set Design with Price in Pakistan 2021


5# Rings

Next on the list are rings. Rings are loved by every Pakistani girl. These can be bought in sets too. Kundan rings are very popular among Pakistani women. They love to wear kundan rings with their western attire. Then we have half ring sets, these look so elegant and can be worn on every finger, 2-3 half rings can be worn on each finger. Rings are something that every woman is fond of, even when you are not into other types of jewellery pieces. Like other jewellery items, rings are available in all shapes and sizes. Heavy and larger sized rings are quite in trend nowadays, plus are much loved for their over the top chic appearance.

Artificial Cocktail Rings Design with Price in Pakistan 2021


6# Anklets

Not every woman is fond of wearing anklets but most of our Pakistani women feel incomplete without anklets. These anklets give chicer look than other jewellery pieces. Most popular are the single stringed chains, they are the real beauties. Whereas, heavy ones are not much adored or preferred.

Anklets Design with Online Price in Pakistan 2021


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