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New Jewellery & A Futuristic Way Of Buying It

Whether there’s a virus doing the rounds or not, you can’t ignore the impending festive season. Celebration is in the air, and it’s ok to have fun just as long as we’re being mindful about it. That being said, we’re so excited to bring you a Silver Lining to that grey Corona cloud. We’ve re-introduced some of your favourite pieces, now in silver and there’s a whole new way for you to try them before you buy – or just for a bit of fun.




We might be in 2020 but we’re thinking ahead. While buying jewellery is easier than buying clothes, you sometimes want to see what a piece will look like on your face before you ‘add to cart’. Well, we hear you. Bring out those pjs and a glass of champagne because you can now do this straight from your couch. Virtually try on your favourite ISHARYA jewellery here and pick out your favourites.

Once you’re satisfied with that bling-bling, you leave the rest to us! We’ll sanitize, pack and deliver them straight to your door – no need to leave your house! Amazing right?

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