Online Shopping in Pakistan 

Online Shopping in Pakistan 

Online jewellery shopping in Pakistan

  Precious apparel with unique design, fascinating colors is incomplete until it is missing its integral accessory, jewellery. Women are not naive souls as they were in the past, they are independent, status-conscious and style conscious. Now, women are more discreet about matching jewelry, matching shoes and matching makeup. 


 Let me show you a glimpse from a specific case, of women logic for jewelry selection, if a woman wears an apparel with heavy embroidery then she will go with the combination of lightweight jewelry, on the other hand, if the apparel is lightweight then the more preference will be given to heavyweight jewellery.  


Every region in the world has its own trends, tastes, styles, and preferences. For example, American and European market customers are more likely to buy 18, 14, 10, 9 and 8-karat(gold), light weight jewelry. On the other hand, Asian and middle east countries are more inclined toward buying 22 and 24 carats (gold) jewellery.


 The rising trend of gold prices has changed the whole scenario of jewellery market significantly. Artificial jewelry has become more attractive due to low prices, gorgeous designs and its ability to fulfills the need of matching priorities. Gold jewellery was considered essential for brides on their weddings has altered substantially with the choice of artificial jewellery.   


 The Artificial jewellery business has turned into an industry and the huge number of people have involved in this business and earning handsome profit margins. Due to increasing demand of artificial jewellery many local and international brands have diversified their businesses by adding artificial jewellery in their business portfolio, the example includes stylokhadiecs etc.  


 Aggressive entry of china in the artificial jewellery market has provided a great range of options and contributed positively towards the uncontrollable prices of artificial jewellery. The government of Pakistan has established an institute (Pakistan gemsand jewellery development company) for the development of Pakistani jewellery industry to get global recognition and to make it competitive. 


Pakistangems and jewellery development company provides training, make branding and marketing aspects more appealing and organizes exhibition domestically and globally to give the platform to designers for showcasing their finest work.