Our Unique Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas Are For All

The holiday season is the season of sparkles and happiness that gleam from all the beautiful presents and the people that are around us. Nonetheless, if you really want someone to be the happiest, gifting them jewellery will do the magic for you. But the pressures of selecting the aptest options especially for your friends and family is a tricky one! To make it easier, here is our curated guide for unique jewellery shopping for Christmas so that your gift is the most special one out of all!

Bejewelled Watches
Time is precious for everyone and as a well-wisher, you always want that time and tide are forever on your loved ones’ side! Also, to keep reminding them of your love, nothing makes for a classier option than an exquisite bejeweled watch. Whether you are picking it for your husband or wife or anyone, it is bound to make them really really happy.

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Diamond Necklace or Diamond Encrusted Chain
If it’s Christmas, it’s got to be over and above the regular neck chains! A diamond necklace set or chain is a classic hit as a gift! The combination of diamonds and precious platinum metal is flawless. It is elegant, it can be easily customized and is a treasure that will last as long as you safeguard it. It is truly a symbol of ’emotion in a gift’ that will add warmth and shine in the life of the giver and the receiver.

diamond necklace set
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Gemstones and Charms Bracelet
Whether you are the secret or not so secret Santa in someone’s life, grace them with a gemstones and charms bracelet and increase your own charm in their life with this gift! Just like the fairytale vibe of Christmas, get your loved one a stunning gemstones and charms bracelet. This is every bit personalized as you can add all the elements and things that the gift receiver likes, hanging as charms in the bracelet design.

Unisex Brooch Pin
It does get quite tiring to pick separate gifts based on their gender, but that’s what changes with handmade and vintage brooch pins meant for everyone. The brooches can be worn over a three-piece-suit, saree, dress, casual clothing, etc. Perhaps, for Christmas, the best design to go for would be a pretty snowflake because who doesn’t love showing off the beauty of a snowflake on them?

brooch online
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Swarovski Earrings
Probably the most flamboyant and dazzling jewellery choice would be gifting your loved one a pretty pair of Swarovksi earrings or danglers or studs with an initial of their name! There’s a whole range of these crystal beauties that will blow the minds off of the receiver. Men and women alike can flaunt such fabulous baubles with any kind of clothing. The process of creating each piece of Swarovski crystal involves a lot of complicated intricacies. For someone as valuable and special in your life, a gift as special as Swarovski jewellery is much deserved by that person.

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Silver or Gold Coin Keychain
Want to surprise your friends and family with a gift so unimaginable for this Christmas that they go gaga over it? Get them custom-made gold or silver finish coins on a keychain that could have imprints of their favourite flowers, pets, food items, and so on. Imagine the wide smile you’d see on their face when they open your unique jewellery gift for Christmas!


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