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Pieces of Jewelry to Gift for Different Stages of Love


you haven’t yet decided what you are going to buy her as a gift which will complement the stage of your relationship as well. Well, don’t be worried, and let us tell you the simple one-word solution to your problem which is JEWELRY – a gift that every woman appreciates.

Buying a piece of jewelry, as per the stage you are at, in your relationship is the most hectic work. What if you guys are just keeping it casual and you buy a ring for her? What if she’ll accidentally think that you are proposing while you are just giving a gift? Will a bracelet be good enough? Or you got to search for some good necklaces for girls? Won’t that be too extra for this stage?

And most importantly, if you succeed in buying a gift, will she love it? What if she hates it? Aaargh, this will lead to anxiety.

But you need not be worried at all since you can find absolutely perfect pieces of jewelry as per your stage of a relationship without getting anxious and awkward. So, let’s get started and see what we can buy at what stage of a relationship.

When you are just chilling around:
So, it’s just the start of your relationship and you aren’t quite sure of where it will lead to. You are just enjoying the moments without actually changing your Facebook relationship status. In such a phase, you are more interested in making her happy as well as not doing anything which will scare her away or complicate things between you both.

At this stage, something fancy will definitely send the wrong signal. But something simple yet classic like small stud earrings can make the day of your partner. Don’t know where to find it?LUXIOUS JEWELLERY has got your back.

All you need a piece of small, classic jewelry like these chain studs.


Or a bit more classy something, like these swirl twirl studs.

When you’re official:
So, you’ve almost spent that honeymoon period of start and afterward, you already had a few of your initial fights with your partner about basic stuff and you’re past it now. You just made it official on social media by changing your relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship”. You’re posting those cute selfies together.

Everything seems like a fairy tale. For such a phase, the jewelry you will be buying for the other one must be something that you both want to hold onto. The main point is, it should be something sentimental. It can be a bracelet, a heart pendant, or anything that she can wear regularly and keep it close to herself. For example:

In case, things are getting quite serious and you are moving towards being committed to each other, this phase will demand something which can show how much you truly love and appreciate them. At this point in time, something fancy like chandelier earrings or pearl earrings can do the work for you.

Boom, you are legal now:
You guys got serious and one of you proposed. So, you guys got married in order to celebrate your love. This is a moment for us to wish you the heartiest congratulations. You’ve been through the highs and lows of the roller-coaster of a relationship. You’ve been with each other and chose to stay together no matter what.

Now that you know what they exactly like and what they don’t, you can absolutely buy something they’ll love no matter what. Let us give you an idea of what you can buy if you aren’t sure what exactly will complement the beauty of your relationship. Like these golden squirrel earrings,

Or go for this sparkling silver bracelet,

Lastly, for more beautiful ornaments to choose from, go to LUXIOUS JEWELLERY and order any piece of jewelry you like.

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