Pretty Jewellery Gifting Ideas to Win a Special Woman’s Heart

For women, owning jewellery is like Ice cream because there’s always room for more! Collecting beautiful baubles is almost every woman’s natural hobby and a matter of pride to add pretty pieces in her treasured collection. On different occasions of celebration, picking the right jewellery gift for a wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, or a female friend can be a bit daunting, and we feel your trouble men! Therefore, we make it easy for you by guiding you through with our jewellery shopping ideas that’ll get you all the praises from the special women in your life.

We list down the jewellery essential pieces that are foolproof which can be picked or gotten custom-made from any jewellery house for your beloved women.

Engraved Pendant
Women are very attentive towards catching the tiniest details and sweet, pretty jewellery pieces can make their hearts melt for you. Perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or any other celebratory event is a beautiful engraved pendant with diamonds and precious stones. If you’re on a budget, you can opt for CZ pendants that are equally glamourous without being heavy on the pocket. Sneaking in a secret, women’s most recent favorite is a cute silver pendant set with their name engraved on it. It’s simple, impressive and affordable.

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Teardrop Earrings with Precious Stones
Gifting your precious woman either ruby or emerald teardrop earrings to adorn her beautiful ears is a winning choice! Mostly available in gold or metal base, these precious stones are embedded into the framework as they shine with every light glance. Not only do they look elegant but also are a must-have selection of earrings every woman deserves to be gifted. A fun fact, Ruby is considered to be a stone of vitality, positivity, youth, passion, and life! Therefore, display your passionate love for your special woman by gifting her a stunning pair of Ruby or Emerald teardrop earrings.

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Ethnic Pearl Bangles or a Bracelet
You want to hold your special lady’s hand but you’d also love to see her delicate wrist wearing either a breathtaking bracelet or pearl bangles. Since pearl bracelets are easily adjustable, it is a safe jewellery gifting option in case you arent’s sure of the right wrist size. If you are confident of the size, pick an entire set of 4 or 6 pearl bangles as these tend to be one of the first picks for a woman since these can be paired with any kind and colour of a dress. This ethnic jewellery choice is great to be gifted to a mother, sister, wife or any special loved one!

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Alluring Anklets
There’s nothing more personal and Indian jewellery piece for a woman than a pair of exquisite anklets. Usually, each woman is gifted heirloom anklets by her mother but then there’s always an opportunity of adding alluring anklet designs in a woman’s jewellery box. The different types of payal you can gift your lady are delicately layered crochet anklets, silver or gold anklets, pendant line anklets, beach anklets with shells, bejewelled anklets, and so on.


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Ravishing Necklace Set
A woman’s beauty is enhanced a 1000% when she is adorned with a graceful neckpiece. Multilayered coral necklace or a Kundan set may just be that one perfect selection for your lady who had been dreaming of owning it since sometime! A delightful handcrafted Kundan set or a vintage coral necklace will make her day and she’ll thank you for making such a brilliant choice.

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