Shifting Jewellery Trends In Pakistan

The Jewellery Market in Pakistan is advancing everyday owing to the latest e-commerce wave of online Jewellery Shops. While most Online Jewellery Shop sales in Pakistan comprise of Artificial Jewellery, the buying of Gold and Diamond Jewellery in Pakistan still seems to remain an in store experience. Despite the fact that almost all sales of Diamond Jewellery are in-store, most Jewellers in Pakistan do have an online presence because the modern consumer needs multiple touch points before making a purchase.
 Buying Gold Jewellery for weddings or for special occasions has an emblematic significance deeply dug in the roots of our rich Pakistani culture and tradition. Gold Jewellery is passed down to newer generations of ones family as family heirlooms and cherished pieces of sentimental value. Although it remains a luxury good, which to date is treasured and revered during Pakistani marriages and traditional festivities; gold Jewellery is most definitely loosing its appeal as an essential ornament for Pakistani weddings.
There have been recent shifts in the market due to increasing rates of Gold; such changes are making Gold Jewellery to lose its shine in Pakistan. There’s a steady movement of customers gradually drifting away from Gold Jewellery and opting for fashionable Diamond Jewellery. While Gold Jewellery seems to be strictly reserved for marriage celebrations, Diamond Jewellery is well-suited for all occasions. Diamond Jewellery has rapidly gained traction in these past few years and is one of the leading causes for the Gold Jewellery market to stagnate.
  Gold Jewellery Bridal Set
Diamond Jewellery is enjoying a sensational recognition and solid consumer acceptance in the Jewellery sector of Pakistan. Given the shift in global Jewellery trends, there are many factors affecting the growth of the Diamond Jewellery in Pakistan. Pakistanis are not known to be frivolous with their hard earned money, always preferring to invest it rather than spend it senselessly. Investing in Diamond Jewellery is the perfect solution and a wise choice for Pakistanis. Diamond prices have fluctuated and increased greatly over the years. What ultimately makes a good investment is the fact that Diamonds are very rare. Taking advantage of the rarity and flawlessness of a perfectly cut and colourless large Diamond will always stay in demand and fetch a higher price in the market. The high demand and limited supply of Diamonds results in an increased value and price over time. Purchasing an investment quality Diamond is definitely a stroke of brilliance.
 Nobility, Kings and Queens have worn Diamond Jewellery for several eras, reflecting their regal nature. Diamonds have long held prominence as a status symbol and an ostentatious reminder to the world of an individual’s wealth and prestige.
Diamond Necklace
 Jewellery fads often start with what’s coming down the fashion runway each season and year. The popularity of Diamond Jewellery apart from being a sound investment is also due to the latest trends and popular celebrities who seem to be flaunting their branded Diamond Jewellery on social media. Fine Diamond Jewellery is more integrated today in our societies than ever before with an increasing number of celebrities choosing Platinum and Diamond Rings as their Engagement Ring. Younger generations prefer contemporary designs as they are more inclined towards the delicate statement pieces in White Gold and Rose Gold as opposed to the traditional heavily set Yellow Gold Jewellery designs of the past.
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 No matter how big the Diamond Jewellery Industry becomes over the next few years in Pakistan, it seems that the significance and ethnic connotation of Gold Jewellery will hold its ground.