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Sterling Silver Jewelry – Tips to Wear for the Best Look

Sterling silver – a form of silver having 92.5% silver with remaining 7.5% of other metals. It is also known by the name 925 sterling silver which is highly used in fashion jewelry. When we take a look around and see the fashion trends, we get to know that sterling silver is making a buzz. For quite some time, it has been in trend.

It should be because this alloy of silver is durable, lightweight, and has a sparkling effect like a diamond. Mostly, for wedding bands and other jewelry objects, this alloy is preferred. Regarding the inclination towards this alloy of silver, we will suggest some tips & techniques so that you can carry the best look with this jewelry.

1.      Designs Complimenting Personality
In order to create a perfect look with sterling silver jewelry, you have to pick such designs which are in the limelight and compliment your personality as well. Sterling silver long earrings, chain bracelets, small horn necklaces, and heart charm toggle necklaces are stealing people’s attention nowadays.

ut these designs could only help you create a stunning appearance if they suit your body shape, height, complexion & other features. For instance, a heart-shaped face can harmonize well with dangler sterling silver earrings beautifully. So, welcome new jewelry objects in your collection, which charm up your style and personality.

2.      Event-Based Jewelry
As the heading indicates, event-based jewelry should be your priority to grace up your appearance. The selection of sterling silver fashion jewelry should also be according to event type. Regarding the nature of the event, i.e., formal or casual, you have to look for the jewelry piece. Wearing jewelry is not a problem, but appearing elegantly with it matters the most.

his jewelry type contains both simple and heavy designs. Like if you wear heavy jewelry designs at your workplace, then you can’t create a glorious look. Evidently, your jewelry choice should be dependent on what type of event is.

3.      Combining Other Metals
You have to go to a dinner and your sparkling sterling silver necklace seems well with your dress. But then you find other jewelry objects of other metals. Can you still create a perfect look? Yes, it is possible. You can pair up your sterling silver objects with other metals. Those other metals could only be the ones which compliment sterling silver objects.

You are not supposed to wear black or dark-colored jewelry with it. Other than that, it could be titanium, palladium or stainless steel, etc. These metals are durable, antiallergenic, easy to carry and possess silvery hue like sterling silver. Hence, in this manner, you can appear flawless by adjoining these metals. You can also match other metals only if they don’t look odd with sterling silver.

4.      Customized Sterling Silver Jewelry
You can shop sterling silver ornaments from any local shop or an online jewelry store. Moreover, renowned jewelry stores also offer custom jewelry design services. If you are having a sterling silver earring with pearls then you can also have a necklace and bracelets of such design.

Putting on all the jewelry pieces of the same designs and color can make you stand out and spice up your personal statement. A simple jewelry cleaning routine after wearing it can help prolong its shine and luster. That’s how, you can enjoy your favorite jewelry items for quite some time.

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