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The Perfect Stackable Bracelets For Every Day Of The Week

It’s safe to say that everyone’s routines have drastically changed in these past few weeks. Your commute is now from the bedroom to your living room and your meetings take place over video calls instead of in person. Date nights are non-existent and your catch-up time with the girls has been reduced to a game of virtual Ludo. Welcome to the new normal ladies and gentlemen. While of course we miss the various activities that kept us occupied through the day, what some of us miss most is dressing up; Putting on a bit of lipstick, wearing that new shirt and most importantly, picking out our jewelry for the day.

But just because we’re #WFH now, doesn’t mean we don’t dress up, right? In fact, doing a little bit extra for your appearance while you stay home might just motivate you to get out of bed and actually get things done!

As it turns out, bracelets can bring out your personality and mood depending on how you’ve stacked them that day. You could wear just one with your watch, which translates to ‘I mean business’, or you could stack on five in different colors and stones to give your look a more ‘playful’ feel. No matter what kind of stacker you are, we’ve picked out the perfect wrist-stackers for every day of your week

Manic Monday

Keep it simple with an Isharya bolo bracelet and your watch. Pick one in a color or stone you love and go from there.

Tip for when we’re done socially distancing: Our Bolo Bracelets make for great presents especially to your bridesmaids!

Spice It Up Tuesday

It’s only Tuesday, you want to stick to one bracelet but wish to spice it up at the same time. How about a wrap bracelet? These take up more real estate on your wrist and just add that little extra bling-bling for when you’re Zoom-chatting with your colleagues

Vibrant Wednesday

Hump day calls for some color. Your outfit might be all black or all white or even just sweatpants, but these bright bracelets will liven up both your look as well as your mood on a Wednesday.

Timeless Thursday

Thursday is for those bracelets that are timeless. These won’t ever go out of style and you can keep repeating them through your outfits and through the years. They’re timeless.

Bang(ing)le Friday 

Our Noor and La Conchita collections came with the most divine bangles in so many different colors. Fridays are for experimenting with yours. You could give your watch a little more personality with these while working or stack them up and make it a party when you’re chatting with your girlfriends.

Sexy Saturday

If you’re lucky enough to be socially distancing with your partner, try to set one day aside for date night. Do up your living room, light some candles, play some lovey tunes and of course dress up. These pearly bracelets will give your wrists that extra jazz ideal for your Saturday date.

Subtle Sunday

Today is your day to chill. Relax, unwind, watch a movie and hang out with your family. Lets your wrists get a taste of an easy Sunday too. These minimal bracelets will do the trick!

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