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The Ultimate Guide to Jewellery Influencers and Bloggers

The diamond and jewellery industry is a tempting field of competence for many, and we think we should all stick together – designers, makers, sellers, customers and fans.

And by that, we mean that the industry can continue to grow and evolve only through the joint efforts of everyone involved.

We at Taylor and Hart know how tough it is to be part of such high-value business, which is not just about glitz and glamour, but also about the hard-working individuals who mine, process and craft the precious final product. This is why we have made an extensive list of jewellery blogs and websites that educate, inspire, capture and cultivate an informed customer.

We present to you the ultimate guide to jewellery bloggers and influencers.

Jewellery Schools
Diamond Education and Niche Websites



Champagne Gem

Persian-born, Melbourne-based blogger, Bebe Bakhshi, is passionate about diamonds, high jewellery and watches. Champagne Gem represents Bebe’s own views of the jewellery and watch industry in the form of articles, interviews with designers and red carpet stories. In addition, her social media platforms, especially Instagram, is focussed on showcasing diamonds from rough to polished and set in bridal and high jewellery pieces.

Why we like it: The gift ideas is definitely something to have a look at. No matter the season, the jewelrista makes beautiful selections of sparkling presents that would suit the occasion.



Gem Gossip

Danielle Miele has been consistently developing her love for fine jewellery and, having started the blog almost 10 years ago, she has now devoted herself to writing and consulting full-time.

Why we like it: Gem Gossip is a true treasure for the unique and antique. It shows in Danielle’s unmistakable style and her selection of both local and international brands who show a flair for custom design.


Katerina Perez

As one of the most influential bloggers and content creators within the jewellery industry, Katerina writes about jewellery as art, handpicking the very best fine pieces – from the latest collection of a luxury brand to emerging artists. She focuses on their cultural connection to jewellery, and how they translate their ideas into precious adornments.

Why we like it: We love Katerina’s Who Is Who section where she puts designers in the spotlight, giving enough credit to individual artistry.


Gem Obsessed
This website is a very good place to look at when unsure of the jewellery trends and the celebrities that make diamonds shine even brighter. Cheryl Kremkow is its creator and curator and she writes with passion and expertise.

Why we like it: Gem Obsessed delivers what it promises – an insider’s view of the world of fashion and jewellery designers and the celebrity part is strictly limited to the jewels.


The Jewelry Loupe

The site was launched in 2009 and its founder and editor, Cathleen McCarthy, aims at covering any jewellery question imaginable, like how to photograph jewellery, how to decipher jewellery hallmarks, how to buy ancient jewellery, and who’s wearing what on popular TV shows.

Why we like it: It is relatively rare to see exploration of men’s jewellery among gem bloggers. The Jewelry Loupe does that. You will also find useful links with McCarthy’s webinars on third-party websites as well as a guide to the world’s best jewellery readings.


Jewels du Jour

Exquisitely and neatly done, Jewels du Jour targets jewellery connoisseurs who attend top annual jewellery events and auctions and who are passionate about sparkling grandeur and high-end finds.

Why we like it: Natalie manages to draw a distinct line between her personal inclinations and her purely informative side, so we get a reliable source for inspiration and facts.



Diamonds in the Library

There are two things Becky, the founder of this blog, is expert about – diamonds and books. She left her job as an editor for the Federal government and has made the blog her full-time occupation. Apart from reading Becky’s elaborate book reviews, you can also quench your jewellery obsession – the information is stored in categories by design, era, type or material.

Why we like it: Diamonds in the Library is quirky and edgy and, for what it’s worth, its policy is transparent.

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