For years together, traditional necklaces have been a Symbol of India’s diverse culture. When a beautiful bride steps in her Marriage Mandap, in a bright Red Saree paired with a heavy traditional necklace, it conveys her emotion of being excited and happy to step in a new world. When our old-aged Mother pairs her simple cream coloured saree with a delicate traditional necklace set, it symbolizes her evergreen beauty and strength. When a modern young girl pairs her Kurti with a Traditional Indian Necklace, it symbolizes her undisputed will to fly freely, yet stay connected to her Indian roots.

That is what Indian Traditional Jewellery stands for- a spirit of an Indian woman, irrespective of her age, colour, creed and where she lives.

Here are 6 traditional necklace designs that stand out from other jewellery items, are trendy, and make you look regal and royal: (Best part? They’re all available online)


Look who has made an entry back into the Market? American Diamond Jewellery sets. Yes! For those of us who can’t preserve real diamonds and are not Richie-rich, these inexpensive yet expensive looking American diamond necklaces can be our best friends! Why should you buy them? Answer is pretty simple- ‘appearance’. These necklace sets look elegant, classy and a class apart.

American Diamond necklaces either have a gold or silver finish metal and many a time, are also paired with colourful stones! The length varies from short necklaces to longer ones with various designs, like these:

Designer Diamond Necklace Set
This necklace set has a semi-traditional look and can be worn with both Indian and Indo-western dresses.


While all of us focus on the bride and her beauty on the marriage day, some Indian Men like to match up to their bride’s ethnic looks! Traditional Necklaces not only define the beauty of an Indian Woman, but the poise of an Indian Man too. Groom jewellery add a soft, yet royal touch to a groom’s outfit, making him look amazing on his D-Day! These necklaces come in quite a few interesting designs and are beaded with pearls and brooches studded with coloured stones!  They’re totally trending, this 2019!

Groom Necklace

Rani Haar

As the name suggests, such Maharashtrian rani haar designs give total justice to your Indian traditional outfits, matching their festive looks, and make you look like a “Raani” or “Queen”. They are long, made with pearl beads, colourful stones and can be worn with matching chokers, on Sarees or Lehengas for weddings or functions. This necklace design can be worn with any blouse or neckline.

Rani Haar Online


This necklace design will surely remind you of India’s “mitti di Khushboo” and you will be reminded of our beautiful villages and ethnic, rusty designs. Dating back to the Harrapan Civilization, these necklaces are made from baked earthen clay, fondly known as “Terra Cotta” and are hand painted with fun colours to jazz up a plain outfit. This terracotta jewellery is light in weight, come in abstract and geometrical designs and can be best paired with Kurtis and Sarees.

Terracotta Jewellery


Be it Bajirao Mastani, Jodha Akbar or Padmaavati, Bollywood is totally loving these traditional necklace designs and they have been experimenting with them, since a long time now. Kundan Necklace sets have been favourites among Indian women since years, owing to the distinct Kundan work and unique designs. But what’s new is the recent trend of “Statement Kundan Necklaces”- necklaces which sit across your collar bone area, just like choker necklaces, and are eye-catching, like this one:

Kundan Jewellery Online


Inspired from South Indian culture, Temple Jewellery designs are majorly gold polished and can be a combination of Kundan work, gold designs, and sometimes, pearls. Bridal necklace sets under this category are very much loved and adored by women, both young and old. One such design of a bridal necklace set is this:

Temple Jewellery Collection

Yet another trend is the of the coin design in necklaces. With coin like designs hanging from the edge of the necklace, they sometimes look like elegant chokers and look lovely when worn with South Indian Sarees.

Ethnic, festive, traditional yet elegant and classy- did you think traditional necklace designs could be all of this? Well, now you know! They remind you of India’s beauty and every woman should adorn herself with these necklaces and be a Queen! Ditch your old and heavy necklaces for these beautiful and trendy traditional artificial jewellery sets!

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