Thewa Jewellery : The Glory of Royalness

It’s my pleasure today I am sharing a wonderful information based on creation & glory of the magnificent Thewa jewellery with the blessing of Mr.Mahesh Rajsoni Sir.

Thewa Jewellery:

Thewa is an art of fusing 23k gold with multicolored glass. By special process, glass is given some shimmering effect, which highlights the intricate gold work. The process of crafting Thewa Jewellery is detailed, time consuming & intricate, it takes month to complete each piece.

Founder of Thewa Jewellery:-

Thewa the exemplary Art of jewellery is originated from the royal land of Rajputs- Rajasthan. In 1707, The Nathu Lal Soni from Pratapgarh invented this fascinating piece of jewellery. We can say that thewa art is a blissful gift by Nathu Lal Soni Ji.

He passes the unique techniques & secrets of crafting thewa jewellery to his son. The next generation of Nathu Lal Soni who call themselves as ‘Raj-Sonis’ has been practicing this art. It is the only family from Pratapgarh who provides the traditional gold designer thewa pieces all around the world. Many member of this family have received the awards by UNESCO, National & State Government too. Even they have set their name in Limca Books of Record in 2011.

Recently Mahesh Raj Soni of this family has won national award & Padma Shree 2015 for his brilliant thewa handicraft. As well the youngest personality in Rajsoni Family Hitesh Rajsoni has been awarded by “UNESCO Seal of Excellence Award” in 2004.

Thewa Artist Mr. Mahesh Raj Soni receiving “Padam Shree” award by Honorable President of India.


Gold Thewa Jewellery:

Thewa Jewellery is fusion of 23K gold onto the glass surface. If features detail meenakari work along with precious stones embellishment for more enhancing looks. The process of crafting Thewa Jewellery is very time consuming but the result we get is wonderful. Artisans from Rajsonis family strive hard to present the new designs every time.


Imitation Thewa Jewellery:

Inspiring from the gold thewa jewellery now in market imitation Thewa Jewellery is also available. Imitation Thewa Jewellery is basically crafted on metal surface. Now every woman can experience the beauty of Thewa Jewellery as Imitation thewa is available at very cheaper rate. Artificial Thewa Jewellery acts as a subsidiary for the Gold Thewa Jewellery. But it is always better to go with Gold Thewa Jewellery as it is a long term investment.


Trend of Thewa Jewellery:

Trend of Thewa Jewellery is evergreen from ancient time till now modern time. It is a best form of jewellery to club with combinational apparel. The shimmering look of this jewellery will please every eye that sets on it & will fetch endless compliments for your amazing choice.


Best Seller Of Gold Thewa Jewellery:

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