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Top 5 Pakistani Wedding Jewellery Trends

Pakistani wedding jewellery trends has a very unique style which represents the culture and fashion of Pakistan. Dress, bridal jewellery, makeup, hairstyles and footwear are very important for every bride. The selection of these all things may vary because of different cultures of different countries but these all are very important to improve the beauty of every girl on her special day.

Women like western wedding styles but desi brides only wear dazzling Pakistani jewellery and Lehenga. Bridle outfits are first look which can attract others but perfect makeup, bridle jewellery and other accessories are also very important to show the style and beauty.

A beautiful kundan necklace can grab the intension of viewers but you should not focus on a single item. Your Pakistani jhumka earrings, hairstyle, bracelet design, bridal bangles design, makeup, nail polish and other things are also very important to give you a desi bride.

We have listed the best Pakistani wedding jewellery Trends in this article to help you so that you can remind and arrange these items with ease.

1- Beautiful Hand Ring Bracelet

Traditional henna-fied designs look more beautiful with the use of heavy kundan rings or hand ring bracelets design. The large rings are very unique in their own style. Different types of stones and colors have been used for these amazing rings. But heavy traditional pearls look more charming on the hands of a bride. Presently these Kundan rings and hand ring bracelets are very famous artificial jewellery

Beautiful Hand Ring Bracelet

Hand Ring Bracelet

Beautiful Hand Ring Bracelets

2- Artificial Bridal Bangles

You can match bangles design with your desi lehnga or shawl but beautiful bangles are an essential part of bridal jewellery. The red colour was very famous to use in a bridal dress with gold bangle design but today that trend has changed. Now families are using multiple colours like, green, blue, maroon, pink and more for dresses and Pakistani wedding jewellery which is a good thing. So today you have multiple options to find suitable bangles for your special day.

artificial bridal bangles

artificial bangles

3-   Bridal Maang Tikka or Matha Pati Design

Matha pati design has a very significant traditional importance in Pakistani bridal accessories. You cannot miss a bridal manng tikka in your wedding preparation because it can change your overall look dramatically. It has been used in the sub-continent region for more than a hundred years. Your mother even your grandmother has also used simple bridal maang tikka in their wedding with passion. You can ask them right now if you do not believe in me. Matha Patti designs with sparkling pearls are the advance version of tikkas. These fascinating headbands are very popular and have become the new bridal fashion these days.


Bridal Maang Tikka

Bridal Maang Tikka

4- Bridal Nose Ring (Nath)

The section of perfect bridal nose ring is sometimes a difficult task because local and online jewellery stores have a huge collection. The perfect size is also another issue because of some girls like small nose ring but others like big. You should always choose a nose ring which looks beautiful on your face expressions especially on the nose. Some faces do not accept these nose rings but if matches with face so it can transform the glamour of a bride into an amazing look which is a wish of almost every bride.


Bridal Nose Ring

5- Beautiful Fancy Payal Design

India and Pakistan are very famous to produce anklet jewellery designs for girls. Brides also use fancy payals while matching with their lehnga and footwear. Kundan payals and laces anklets are the main types of payals or anklets. Brides are using heavy silver or gold payals which are popular Pakistani wedding jewellery trends. Astonishing Payal design can also improve the beauty of every bride and make her more confident and attractive on the special day of her life.

Beautiful Fancy Payal Design

Beautiful Fancy Payal Design


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