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Every woman has a dream to look like a princess on her wedding. This needs a lot of effort, emotions, accessories to doll up a girl as a bride. Women and accessories go hand to hand, and if we forget jewelry in accessories there would be an injustice. Without jewelry woman is incomplete. Pakistani Bridal Jewellery Sets adds glam to the bridal aura. Because jewelry enhances the beauty of the bride and every bride has a unique taste of jewelry which makes her look differently gorgeous.

In short, to make herself stunning and eye catching jewelry must be on a notch. It’s a point to notify that jewelry must go with bridal attire. It’s like the process of making a cake where the first layer holds the bridal dress, jewelry with it is like icing on the cake that alleviates the beauty of a bride. In the selection of jewelry one rule is inevitable that “less is more” because jewelry is to enhance your beauty not to overpower you.


Jewellery shouldn’t be a burden for the bride. The simple, lightweight and decent design would multiply the beauty of the bride. Because accessories are supposed to make you glam and catchy. So jewelry must neither be flaunt nor be cache


It’s a normal practice that on the wedding day, the bride is ladened with the heavy dress and encumbered with a lot of pieces of jewelry. It’s a massive malfunctioning of fashion. So try your harder to make the dress and jewelry compatible. if there is light jewelry then dress must be heavier a little bit. This parallelism creates magic that allures the eyes.


Every nation has its own unique style to represent their culture for fashion parties, shows, marriage ceremonies, and for other events. Although world has become a global village due to internet and technology and nations has merged different styles and fashions But still Pakistani wedding jewellery trends have not compromised its value and beautiful look. Please read these points to know more about the women accessories in Pakistan.

  • ​Necklace with double-stranded thickness​: Necklaces are the neck-pieces of jewelry but with double strands, it adds up the luscious glam of beauty bones.

Necklace with double-stranded thickness


  • ​Multilayered necklace or naulakha haar: ​It’s the fashion that never fades away. Every girl wants to wear this naulakha haar on her special day. It multiplies the grace and dignity of the bride.

Multilayered necklace or naulakha haar

  • ​Bridal choker: It also like necklace but it’s a little bit less hefty than a necklace. It normally goes around necklines. It’s also a trendy fashion nowadays.

Bridal choker

  • ​Matha Patti with tikka: ​It is the ravishing fashion trend in jewelry. Its most appealing jewelry piece. When it goes with tikka it allures the beauty of the hairline of the bride.

Matha Patti with tikka

  • Matha Patti with strands: It normally goes well with mehndi events. But if the other pieces of jewelry are cumbersome then matha Patti with strands ensemble your hair beautifully.

Matha Patti with strands

  • Antique jewelry: As having the history of traditional and custom past we the people of the subcontinent love to wear antique. Antique is the word associated with the Mughal empire near us. On her special day bride wishes to look like queen so antique is the best option, to intuitive like a queen. Antique jewelry is the old fashioned trendy jewelry.
  • Earrings: Antique Earrings accomplish the facial look of the bride. They should go according to the attire and style of the neck-piece. Heavy neck-pieces suits with small jhumkis and if choker is used heavy earrings are preferred. Studs with elegant neck-piece go well with each other.

Antique jewelry

  • ​Nose Ring: In the subcontinent, it is vital for the bridal look but in the latest trends its quite optional. With heavy headpiece and neckpiece, tiny nose ring is used. Bridal nathas with Kundan studs, simply chained nathas, multilayered chain nathas add a voguish touch to the bridal ensemble.

Material: ​Diamonds, gold, silver, and Kundan are currently very popular across the globe.

  • Diamond Jewellery: always remain the top priority for brides. Attractive, delicate diamond ornaments appeal the brides. There are increasing trends for diamond jewelry.
  • Kundan Jewelry: Stones heavily embellished in gold gave intricate and elaborate Kundan jewelry designs. This is best to cover the neckline with this traditional and custom design.
  • ​Gold: This is most trendy in almost all regions of the world. White gold, yellow or rose gold choice is yours. Artistic and eye-catching gold ornaments with ideal bridal attire complete bridal look. Studs, pearls, gemstones held distinctively by gold margins fascinate the eyes.

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