Trend of Designer Jewelry in Pakistan

Jewelry is an indispensable part of every woman’s personality. Utter the word “lady” and the first thing you can imagine of is “jewelry”. Jewelry for women has taken the place of dire necessity rather than just an ornament. Go outside and you would hardly find a woman without wearing earrings or bangles or bracelets. No matter how expensive the gold be, there are several other options when comes to Pakistani designer jewelry.

The rising trend of wearing designer dresses has given birth to a similar hype in the designer jewelry trend from the last few years. Women of today are much more fashion conscious than ever before. They are seen subscribing to different print and online fashion magazines and hence can differentiate very well between an ordinary jewelry and a designer jewelry piece. The taste for delicate and designer craftsmanship in jewelry is the real cause behind this rising designer jewelry trend in Pakistan.

Since the time, Pakistani designer jewelry is seen showcased by the designer jewellers like ShanfaqNaajia and many others, women have fallen in love the designer jewelry in Pakistan. Pakistani designer jewelry is especially designed to complement the contemporary fashion trends in outfits and hence has targeted all those women who were already fond of wearing Pakistani designer dresses. Women of today have developed a taste for keeping pace with the changing fashions and try to complement their designer outfits with an equally exclusive and delicate jewelry option so that they stand out.

For the rapid rise in designer jewelry trend in Pakistan and an increase in demand of Pakistani designer jewelry, not only in Pakistan but all over the world, youth is encouraged to go for designer jewelry making courses and as a result, we have many emerging talents that can be enlisted as the best Pakistani designer jewelry makers. There is seen a trend of showcasing designer jewelry in Pakistan in collaboration with the designer wears on ramp. Models are seen walking on ramps wearing designer outfits and designer jewelry to complement them, and thus giving a blow to raise the blazing fire of fashion in the modern women of today.

The outrageous increment in gold prices has encouraged the designer jewellers to include other mediums such as Italian silver, and imitation jewelry pieces to cater more and more customers. Women need delicate, intricate and modern jewelry pieces. The restriction of sticking to gold as the only jewelry medium has been given a kiss good bye and the designer jewelry trend of using imitation or gold plated jewelry has taken the place instead.

Medium of jewelry has become the second priority while the jewelry designs and a huge variety of designer jewelry is today’s demand. Flashy, out sized, bold, bright in colours, glamorous designer jewelry pieces are the mark of today’s fashion!

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