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Ways to Wear Rings in Various Stages of Relationships







More or less every female wears rings. Somehow, the significance of rings gets enhanced when you pass through the stages of relationships. You explore jewelry arrivals and come up with the best wedding bands. Women not only carry rings enthusiastically but constantly. Somehow, you carry the rings permanently to indicate your relationship status.

But what if you don’t know which finger you have to wear the ring? No issue at all. We will guide you in this script about wearing relationship rings.

Let’s begin the journey.

  1. Engagement Ring

For wearing rings, there are certain traditions but they can’t be regarded as restrictions. It is usually believed that the right hand is our active hand, which defines our fate and the left hand is our passive hand. But that goes opposite for the people who are having left hand as their active hand. Engagement is a significant event in one’s life.

Every couple likes to wear engagement rings. Now the question arises, in which finger to wear the ring? It is to say that you should wear an engagement ring on the left ring finger. But what to do, when you get married? Which finger do you need to transfer your engagement ring? Following section has all the answers for you.

  1. Wedding Ring

We know there is a general custom to wear a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. It has become a standard tradition in the US. In Russia, Greece & Columbia, it is the fourth finger of the right hand in which couples wear rings. The wedding ring is a symbol of affection between the couple. They make an earnest promise of sharing their joys & sorrows together and represent it with their wedding bands.

It is advised that both men & women should wear wedding rings on the ring finger of their left hand. At the time of your marriage, you have to wear your engagement ring on the right hand to wear the wedding ring on the left. There are many countries where this custom is followed, but if you want to unfollow this then it is your choice.

  1. Commitment Ring

When your family has chosen a life partner for you and things are in process, then it is time to wear a commitment ring. Commitment is your sincere promise to someone. When you wear a commitment ring it refers to the fact that you can’t back out from your vow. Now, you would like to know about the placement of the commitment ring.

You can wear it with any finger. For both males and females, there is no restriction. Carry it in any finger as per your ease. It will symbolize that you are about to get engaged or married. Apart from commitment rings, we would like to mention that you can wear non-relationship rings on any finger.

Final Thought :
Relationship rings mean a lot for couples, especially girls. When you wear the ring in the right way, then it shows how valuable your relationship is for you.

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