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Gold jewelry is categorized as fine jewelry which requires heavy investment. You must be careful while spending your money. There is no need to put yourself into a scam. Better be watchful before making a purchase. You should be concerned about gold purity. Oftentimes, you have observed 925 stamps on gold jewelry. Don’t you recall something?

Sterling silver jewelry due to its high quality is entitled as 925 sterling silver. It contains 92% silver and other metal traces as well. But what about gold jewelry having 925 stamps? If you want to explore this topic further then read this document till the end.

1.  925 Gold

925 is just not a common number in the jewelry category. Like we mentioned earlier, it is a hallmark of high quality in sterling silver jewelry. It is an authentication stamp of its fine quality. But this is not the case for gold jewelry. If gold is having a 925 stamp, then be careful. Don’t think it is also high-quality gold.

925 gold indicates that it is gold plated. It is not pure gold and just has a layer of gold on any other base metal. Yes, this is reality. So, don’t get confused with 925 gold considering 92% gold.

2.  Gold Vermail

Now, we will talk about gold vermail. The gold-plated jewelry having another base material, usually sterling silver, is known as gold vermail. This jewelry type is also known as gilded silver. This jewelry has a thick layer of gold and is also hypoallergenic since the base and coated metal are nickel free. If you are having a sensitive skin, then you can go for gold vermail.

Electrolysis and electroplating are used for making gold vermail. Thickness of the gold layer is about 2.5 microns. By observing a serious jewelry cleaning routine, you can maintain gold vermail for a long time. If your budget doesn’t allow you to wear pure gold then this option will work wonders. Hence, carry it exquisitely on your significant event.

3.  Gold Quality

Though 925 gold looks like original gold, eventually it is not. This is the reality we accept. Here we will also guide you how to check gold quality. Remember, observe the K stamp on gold for its quality. K stands for karat and the stamps like 14k, 18k, 22k, 23k and last but not the least 24k indicate gold quality.

Gold Stamp 14k refers to 58-62% gold, 18k is about 75-79% gold, 22k means 91-95% gold, 23k is 99.95% gold whereas 24k is 99.99% gold. By identifying which stamp gold jewelry has, you can easily gauge the gold purity.

Wrapping Up :
After this discussion, you can add 925 gold jewelry in your new jewellery collection. Whether it is 925 gold or pure gold, you always have to look for a credible jewelry store. Because you are still unaware of the other side of the coin. Because gold is a precious metal and you can’t decide every single day to purchase it.

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