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What You Need to Know Before Buying Pearl Necklaces


Pearl necklace is preferred by everyone. Pearl, which is often called as a teardrop of the moon, is a well-treasured gemstone of all time. There are usually four types of cultured pearl necklaces which are Tahitian, South Sea, freshwater, and Akoya and its length varies from 12 – 45 inches.

This jewelry piece, whether natural or cultured, is considered noble and is given preference as a gift. If you wish to purchase pearl necklace sets, then spend some of your time on this blog and get to know the crucial aspects to focus on.

Let’s dive into it.

  1. Examine Pearl Quality:
    One should always check the pearl quality, especially in terms of pearl surface and pearl luster. Its surface should be smooth and clean without any sort of imperfection. If the pearl is having scratches, spots, wrinkles, chips, bumps and blemishes etc., then don’t make the mistake of buying it. Another quality factor to be observed is pearl’s luster which should be shiny and super glossy. Its high luster adds value to its quality and makes it more precious.

    If you make the decision of online jewelry shopping, then go to the retailers who offer a return or exchange policy

  2. Consider Color:
    Pearl color is something which is definitely preferred personally. There are many colors available for pearls. Most sought after colors are white and cream. Other pearl colors include pink, golden, black, grey and silver. You could purchase it as per your outfit color. You could also get them dyed in rainbow colors for a modern look.
  3. Pearl Shape Matters:
    Among numerous factors to look upon, pearl shape is also a significant one. Why? Because the shape is directly proportional to price. The more the pearl is round-shaped, the more price it would cost. Since perfectly round-shaped pearls are hard to find. Pearls are also available in potato and oval shape, but round is generally preferred. Other than a necklace, if you are going to purchase pearl bracelets or earrings then ensure they are perfectly identical in terms of pearls shape and size.
  4. Pearl knotting:
    Another noteworthy factor before you buy a pearl necklace is that there should be a knot between every pearl. What is the purpose of it? With the passage of time, the luster of pearls tends to diminish due to rubbing against each other. In order to protect the jewelry piece for longer use, it is better to have knots if not between each pearl then it should be against the clasp.
  5. Focus on Pearl Size As Well:
    After considering pearl shape and color, size should also be observed. You must know which pearl size is best suited for you. Pearls are usually measured in millimeters; it is usually sold with an average size of 7 and 7.5 millimeters. Akoya pearls are of this size. If the pearl is of larger size than it is more precious. Among its types, Tahitian pearl is of larger size, but South Sea pearls are the largest.

Final Thought:
After looking at these aspects, we hope that your pearl necklace shopping would be comfortable and enjoyable.

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