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What’s the appeal of charm bracelets, good luck charms and talisman jewelry? Explore the symbols and create your Legacy.

(Healing) This abalone cross was originally associated with the Knights of the medieval Maltese Crusade. The symbol, also known as the Vajra, has both Hindu and Buddhist significance. The Vajra Club was used by the legendary Hindu God Indra, and channels healing properties.

Maltese Cross Charm
(Prosperity) The Vajra shape combines the imperishable properties of a diamond with the fearsome intensity of a thunderbolt. Formed on a gold coin with indestructible inscribed on one side, this Vajra channels prosperity. Personalise your legacy by adding symbols and talisman that resonate with you.Vintage or shiny and new, coins are always en vogue and always a welcome addition to chains and bracelets.

Vajra Sikka Charm(Rebirth) Historically known as an avatar of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism, and in Japan as a Koi fish, known for their skills in navigating through life and lifetimes. This flexible fish embodies the spirit of motion, movement and change.

Dancing Matsya Charm(Courage) A symbol originating in the Sindh and Punjab province, it represents defence and protection. Sleek in design, this high polished gold dagger with ribbed handle and diamond shaped center motif, represents courage to face obstacles.

Golden Kripan Charm(Balance) The power of the Pyramid shape has been celebrated by the Egyptians for centuries. Carved moon stones, known to induce mental balance and calm, are set with a ribbed gold band and dotted with a painted protective Evil Eye.

Pyramid Evil Eye Charm(Clarity) According to Hindu mythology, the tears of Shiva that were shed as he destroyed three powerful asuras is how the Rudraksha was formed. Popularly used as prayer beads and amulets, the Rudraksha provides protection, clarity of thought and aids concentration. Graceful ribbed gold border with studs secure the bead.

Rudraksha Charm(Prosperity) A traditional motif of the Mughal era, the Kharbuja, or watermelon charm, signifies prosperity, bounty and opportunity. Made of carved dark pink quartz, associated with love and vital energy.

Mughal Kharbuja Charm(Celestial Blessings) This charm fuses the traditional belief that 9 stones, representing the 9 planets, or Navratna, usher prosperity. Inlay set in Rock Crystal Hamsa hand motif symbolizes cosmic blessings.

9 Planet Hamsa Charm(Secure Good Fortune) The Chinese believe padlocks can secure and protect good fortune. Rich green quartz stone has been etched with floral motifs and gold ribbed accents.

Charm(Manifestation Tabiz)This amulet is known to be a vessel for blessings, wishes and manifestation. Ribbed and capped with conical black cubic zirconias. The hinged mechanism is openable, allowing the wearer to a message, prayer or wish scroll.

Tabiz Wish Capsule Charm(Strength) The horn traditionally symbolizes regal dignity. Crafted in carved moonstone, known to dissolve fears, with gold and black enamel accents.

Double Horn(Unlock Opportunity) The highly symbolic key fashioned in dark pink quartz, represents opening new beginnings and opportunity.

Key to the Future(Calm) The blue almond shape agate nurtures the soul and gives peace of mind from negative energy. Combined with an evil eye, this charm, wards away evil while instilling calm. This delicate charm, lashed with white pearls, holds a brilliant CZ at its center.

Azure Evil Eye(Confidence) The Cresecent Moon pays homage to Mughal architecture and is symbolic in Hinduism, as Lord Shiva’s accessory. The moon becomes whole in phases, coming into its “own”. Expertly carved in blue chalcedony, the moon is emerging into her full, brilliant potential.

Crescent Moon(Love) This studded puffed heart represents abundance and stability in love and relationships and pays homage to Paan- shaped, betel leaves depicted in Indian art. Outlined in black enamel detailing surrounded by gold studs, this modern heart pendant oozes charisma.

Heartful(Harmony) One of the four sacred guardians in Feng-Shui, the tortoise made with an amazonite body, is an animal that gifts individuals with good fortune and links heaven and earth. Also significant in Hindu myths and ancient Egyptian folklore, the tortoise is highly symbolic.

Lucky Tortoise

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