Wooden Jewellery – The Best A Man or A Woman Can Get

It is often been said that jewelleries are the best companions of every woman. Each and every woman of today’s modern society has a natural fascination towards beautifully crafted jewelleries to compliment their outfits in any occasions. Having said that, the jewellery styles often change a lot in accordance to the ongoing trends. But there are some particular classic type of looks that often bounces back in various ornamental showrooms.

A few words on Wooden jewellery:

The first impression of yours after hearing the term is quite imaginable and justified too. For those of you are not so “lucky” for not hearing and trying out these types of contemporary jewelleries, a few words of introduction is hence necessary. Wood can be considered as one of those few useful natural ingredients that has often been misled as uninspiring or boring when it comes to the matter of fashion. But you can be least assured that these wooden beaded jewelleries are not a boring option for any fashionable lady in spite of being comparatively cheap in the market.

Just like several nations like India, these wooden jewelleries are specially crafted over centuries by various rural and tribal artists. It also comes with such a vast range of designs and colourings that any fashionable lady would find a pair or two suiting perfectly with her preferred fashion sense. In fact, several women these days consider wearing them in various occasions just because of their exquisite designs that are specially inspired by the ethnic fashions.

How Wooden jewellery is made:

Basically, the jewelleries of wooden beads are crafted with an invisible-like string base or rope. However, sometimes metallic beads, metallic settings, metallic chains with fine finish can also be included to form different masterpieces. Typically oxidized metals, brass, copper, antique silver and antique gold suits well with natural look of wood. Sometimes the wooden earthy colors of such jewelleries are enhanced by polishing them further or adding some detailed designs on it.

Styling with Wooden jewellery:

In recent times, the wooden beaded jewellery has turned up to become an enormously trendy jewellery type, particularly amongst the young generation of women and men. Yes, you have heard it right! Even the men may give these wooden jewelleries a try – especially those one which are not having paint on it and hence have a simple and artistic look. However, many men often prefer trying out a designer bracelet of wooden beads which goes pretty well with most of their casual outfits like jeans, shirt or even kurta–pyjama.

Talking about the best among wooden pieces is the coconut jewellery. You will find ample number of sleek and beautiful designs such as Goddes Ganesh, flowers, half moon, birds and lots more available online and offline. All you have to do is lay hands on the design you prefer and order right away. That’s it……of course you need to the payment. Jokes apart these jewelleries are meant to beautify your appearance and add a special touch to your personality.

In case of both women and men, the wooden jewellery goes well with laid – back, bohemian outfits which comes with bright colors and artistic prints. Ladies may easily match the unique shade of these jewelleries with the print shades of their saree or salwar kameez. Any wooden necklace also works exceptionally well with any party or formal wear outfits, particularly when it complements the color or design or that dress itself. So if you want to steal the spotlight in any small or big occasions, here is your golden chance to do so.

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